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We absolutely loved working with Alphaline on our knock down and rebuild

The decision to knock down and rebuild was one we took a lot of time to think about. We worried if it was all going to work out – there are so many stories out there about how bad it is to build a new home! We finally decided to choose a medium sized builder that was family owned with their own architect and designer. And it’s one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

Ben, one of the brothers from Alphaline Homes, was our first contact in designing what was to be our home. We took our time here and Alphaline Homes were highly understanding and amazing! They did a Design Needs Analysis to come up with our own house plan. We then took the time we needed to make sure it was exactly the way we wanted inside and out. I am really glad we took our time here and Alphaline was supportive all the way.

They had a great team around them to work with us to determine the finishings and the finer details of the house pre-build. Once the build started, there was no need for us to revisit the decisions we had made early on.

It was around this time that we started working with John, Ben’s brother, to project manage the build of our house. The attention to detail and constant reviews and updates from John were great.

Building started the day after the demolition team left the site with our slab and two storey frame done within 3 weeks. The timeliness was one feature that was a constant with the build with Alphaline. 

Things did not always go exactly to plan, but they never do when you’re doing a knock down or rebuild. There were a couple of days of rain when the roof was meant to be completed where we had a delay. But between Ben and John, we were always consulted, we always discussed what were the options and site visits were easily and quickly arranged. Changes and/or modifications were worked through easily and quickly.

Another key benefit of choosing Alphaline is the level of quality they offer. Ensuring that the foundations for all the finishing touches are important to them. Any defects found were never regarded as a “big issue” to fix. This attitude extended to the contractors that Alphaline used as well.

Then to top it off, Alphaline were able to finish building the house and hand it over to us weeks prior to the planned completion date. Then after full payments were made, and additional savings were achieved by Alphaline through some of the products used in the build, we even received a rebate back. 

While there have been a couple of issues post build (for example, a faulty oven) Alphaline has continually remained in touch and are extremely responsive to any post build issues. 

The price of the build and the additional extras agreed upon early on were clearly outlined and known up front and didn’t deviate except where agreed. There were clear payment schedules; everything was clearly managed through BuilderTrend.

The final result is we have a house that has actually exceeded my expectations. It is light, breezy and still feels like a dream to live in. I keep thinking we have been lucky but then when you find the right builder and both you and your builder do the work upfront, the outcome can be even more than you hoped for.

Christine Axelby

Luxury White House Villa Built by Alphaline Homes in Griffin

I would like to write a little story about my experience with building my beautiful home (I call it white house villa) through Alphaline Homes. The three brothers (The Parkers) who own and run the business as a family has become part of my family after my experience with them.

The design of the home was done by me and Alphaline Homes did an excellent job in drafting and planning the design for me even though I made constant changes to it. Mr. Ben Parker (was the consultant who handled my build and he personally helped me out with everything including signing the contract to finalising the plan, colour selections, regular inspections and site visits and was available any time at my request until the end.

I had been to a few builders such as Coral Homes, Hallmark Homes and got quotations to what I wanted but the customer service I received from Mr. Ben Parker and the other two brothers were no comparison to any other. I was confident enough at that point that Alphaline Homes was going to do an excellent job in building a quality home to full fill all my expectations. They have delivered above and beyond my expectations and I can highly recommend Alphaline Homes to any one. You will not regret building your dream home through them.

A few key elements that other builders were not offering
1. Regular visits to the building site
2. Changes to the plan, DNA (Design Needs Analysis) with no extra cost
3. In house colour selection changes at building stage without extra cost
4. Rebates were given to change of mind for example walk-in robe shelving, oven, and a few others
5. Extra works were thrown in with no extra charges and heavy discounts were given for extra plug points and other electrical changes

It’s been over a month since I have moved in to my home and I have already got regular calls from Mr. Ben Parker making sure that everything is ok with my home and that I am happy. The after sales service has been impeccable and I am yet to see this kind of service with other builders.

If you would like to see the quality of the build of my home, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Ben Parker on 0438717131 and visit my beautiful home.

Good Luck to you all and wish you all the best. I wish Alphaline Homes and the three Musketeers every success in their future endeavours.

Anishka De Silva

Our Granny Flat Addition

We chose Alphaline Homes for 2 reasons.

1 Their quoted price on our home was sharply competitive
2 We really liked the quality of their display home.

The aim was then to get our home built to the display home standard and at the quoted price. Alphaline, to their credit, did both. Our home was of my design and an addition to our existing home set on acreage.

Alphaline negotiated all of the challenges linking both homes and all of Councils regulations with professionalism. Our home is now complete to my design specifications, at the quoted price and to our required standards. So we are happy with the outcome. Absolutely.

Bill & Charmaghne

We got more house for less cost!

We had progressed through the early stages with another builder some years ago (had plans all signed etc.) but pulled the pin as we found a ready-built home that would meet our needs.

Circumstances changed, and we decided to build a new home in 2020.

This was the first time we have built a house from scratch, so it was a big thing for us, and there were a few lessons we learned on the way.

When we spoke to Alphaline Homes, we now see that there were a lot of things that would not have been included with the other builder. And looking around a bit, I’ve realised that all builders are not the same in that regard.

For example, with the first builder, termite treated frames were an ‘extra’, whereas Alphaline included this as part of the package.

The more we looked, the more we saw that these little ‘extras’ all began to add up — and it showed that Alphaline Homes provide a lot of quality things as standard that we were not going to get. We got more home for less cost.

The other thing that impressed me was their helpfulness right from the start. They were excellent and gave us lots of different ideas when drawing up the plans.

With our block, a garage out the front wouldn’t work and had to go down the side. They came up with ideas on how to do that. How it is set up now is brilliant.

The digital walkthrough of our plans was great. It showed us that we had to open up a couple areas that would have been too small otherwise. We hadn’t realised that on the plan, but seeing it full size really helped.

Their design studio was excellent too. It saved us running around all over the place to find the fittings we wanted.

The whole experience has been great. There were a couple of minor hiccups with supply of tiles, but they were well attended to and the problem solved.

The build was ahead of schedule, and we’d highly recommend them to anyone.

Albert James

Would Build Again

This was our first time building a house and I would absolutely recommend Alphaline Homes to anyone considering building in North Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast. The block we purchased was an unusual shape and Steve Parker was amazing in helping us design our own home to suit the block. The standard inclusions offered were what other builders offered as paid upgrades.

We did get a quote from a well-known building company which was cheaper at first, however when we added the upgrades to match the Alphaline inclusions, Alphaline came out on top. Another reason we chose Alphaline was the quick build time, and the house was delivered on time as planned. The overall workmanship and build quality of the house was to a high standard. Steve managed the build well and kept us in the loop at all times. Steve was also happy to accommodate changes that we made during the build with no fuss. We would definitely build again with Alphaline.


Amazing Team, Perfect Time Management

It was a really good experience building our first home with Alphaline Homes. They started with the blink of eye and finished in the same way, delivering a great product and great workmanship. All out expectations were met and the house was finished earlier than the scheduled date.

The Alphaline Homes team is really efficient. All our questions were answered and we were helped a lot with designing our home within the agreed building area. We were free to resize any room and make changes to the given plan which was really convenient .

All the work was done on time according to their app which was a good tool to track the progress of our home.

I would like to thank all the team members of Alphaline Homes – Ben, Steve, John, Dave, Mike and rest of the members. It was a great experience building with Alphaline


Building with Alphaline was so Easy

Ben from Alphaline Homes was extremely helpful through the whole build process, from designing the home through to completion.

I am 75 years old and unable to walk, so normally building a home would have its challenges, but no, not with Alphaline Homes. They built me a custom designed home, within my budget. In only 14 weeks.

I would highly recommend Ben & the team from Alphaline Homes.


First Timing Building

It was a big decision for us to go for a new build rather than buy an existing home but chose Alphaline after investigating a few other companies. Ben Parker was our contact and he was extremely helpful and friendly and patient with all our enquiries. We showed him the design we wanted and the team at Alphaline came up with a good plan they were able to fit on our small lot.

Narelle, customer liaison officer was able to answer any queries or changes we required. We only had a couple of minor issues after moving in which were remedied promptly. Mike the building foreman has also been very helpful and accommodating and we have no hesitation in recommending Alphaline. We made a good choice and are really happy with the finished result.


Our Retirement Home

Alphaline Homes were fantastic to deal with. We only have a very small block so the brief was to build a home that would be suitable for us downsizing and keeping in mind that we need it to be disabled friendly. Ben Parker and the staff went out of their way to help and gave us many helpful ideas for a couple approaching their retirement years and dealing with a family member with disabilities.

Our home is perfect. We have our forever home. Many thanks to The Building Team also they were always ready to give advice and listen to our fears and questions. Everyone especially Narelle and Scott went beyond our expectations to make sure that we were in our home for Christmas. We have no hesitation in recommending Alphaline Homes for anyone wanting to build their forever home.


Second Home Built with Alphaline

This says it all….after such an amazing experience building with this reliable company I was definitely using Alphaline homes a second time round!!!

They built my first home in 2015 & I was overwhelmed with how quick it was built & the quality of workmanship & care taken. I had no hesitation to choosing Alphaline Homes to be my builder when deciding to build my second home. My second home has just been completed & I have experience the same quality of workmanship & care.

Steve the site foreman and the office staff have always been a pleasure to deal with with any changes we made along the way. I have no hesitation in recommending Alphaline Homes as a reliable, quality builder.


Perfect Builder

It was on time. Easy to deal with. Communication was great. Have got the calls answered or returned within 24 hours. Great team what Alphaline Homes have. Take off my hat to the three brothers. 


Most Trusted Builder

You hear a lot of horror stories from people who have built their own home through several builders. Our experience when building our home was not like that. It was a breeze. We built our home with Alphaline Homes. I would have to say Alphaline Homes would be the most trusted builders out there. You can trust them 100%. I have built two homes, the second home with Alphaline. I highly recommend them. Great job and support from Ben.


Very Helpful Alphaline Team

Beautiful first custom design family home. My wife and I had very different Ideas about what we wanted but Ben Parker managed to fit everything in.

Our experience with Alphanline homes team was great, Ben and John Parker was very helpful in this process. Trades were great, very fast and the build quality is surprisingly high, workmanship was good. We were kept inform of the progress throughout the build process. After the hand over there were few issues but John and Ben Parker addressed them quickly. we would not hesitate to recommend Alphaline homes to friends.

End result was more than a dream.

Hemant and Sonal

Unbelievable Completion Schedule!

Alphaline Homes guaranteed to get our house constructed within their guaranteed timelines. We wanted it done soonest because the lease of our rented house would expire within a few weeks. They did it on time!!!

So happy with the professionalism of Alphaline Homes. They were also very easy to deal with, especially Ben Parker. And of course we are very, very happy with our house. Great workmanship too! Five star rating it certainly is for this great company.


Truly Recommendable, Top Quality Building Team!

Alphaline Homes building team is amazing! Truly recommendable, no other builder could meet our needs within the budget, let alone the 17 week build time! :):) We had spent many months going from builder to builder and had concluded that what we wanted was unachievable with our Budget.

We are extremely happy with the quality and finishing touches of the end result. Steve was extremely accommodating, even suggesting better ideas for our needs. Can tell his years of experience in the building industry! From design to build to completion we were kept informed. No hidden costs as everything was included. We would certainly recommend Alphaline Homes to anyone thinking of building a house.


First Home Buyers, First Home Builders

As first home buyers many people told us to steer clear of building because of the many horror stories they had heard, but honestly, Alphaline Homes made our process so simple, easy and FAST!

From our first meeting with Ben (Parker) we were blown away. Ben was especially helpful throughout the whole process. He really bent over backwards for us & our house has turned out better than we could of dreamed.

A massive thank-you to the whole construction team as well. The quality of workmanship and fantastic attention to detail has been praised by all who come through our house and we are still pinching ourselves. Everyone we came into contact with on site (tiler, electrician, foreman & builders etc) showed genuine care and utmost professionalism.

We would recommend Alphaline Homes to everyone! They certainly deserve their five star rating.


Alphaline Homes = Quality

Ben of Alphaline Homes was accommodating and very easy to talk to. Whatever concerns we had, he’d make sure they’ll be taken care of. That’s the case even after the handover. Being meticulous when it comes to details (particularly measurements), I can say I am highly satisfied with how our first home turned out. It was what I expected and more. I have used a third party inspector and he was quite impressed with the quality of the house as well as the materials used. Alphaline Homes was also the builder of his friend’s house and he said he’d definitely recommend them to others.


Alphaline Homes, Awesome!!!

Alphaline build time was unreal, from enquiry to move in date taking no longer than 12 weeks, the whole process signing the contract and designing the house was a breeze and nothing was a problem. We are very impressed with the quality of our house and the finishes.

Steve the General Manager has a genuine interest in building a home of high quality and ensuring that we were 100% happy with the finished product, any issues that arose throughout the build were fixed or rectified straight away. We love our new house and have absolutely no problems recommending Alphaline to anyone looking for a builder.

Once again, thanks Steve.


A Month Ahead of Schedule

We are so happy with the beautiful ‘Hampton’s’ style home that Alphaline Homes have built for our family.

Ben Parker and the team were excellent to deal with and our home was finished a month ahead of schedule. The whole process from pre-construction (designing the plan to suit our every need), to post-construction (follow-ups and fixes of minor defects) has exceeded our expectations and we are really impressed with the build quality and finishes. We would highly recommend Alphaline Homes to our friends and family.


Perfect Build Experience

My new Alphaline Home is just perfect.

From the start, Steve and the team were friendly, helpful and honest. The quality is second to none, Alphaline were a pleasure to deal with and offered helpful experienced advice, their promises were kept and communication through the build was very effective.

I brought my own design and they customised my every need with honest pricing throughout. Even after handover, the level of service remains, that’s how you know you’ve picked a good builder.

I would highly recommend Alphaline Homes to anyone looking to build a new home.10/10 team.


Building with Alphaline was awesome....

Alphaline Homes has just completed our new home, what an experience… Along with their quick build time, their quality and friendly team, building was a dream. Our home was fully customized to suit our block and lifestyle and nothing was a problem to them.

I hear of many horror stories from others when building, but that was not our experience.

We would strongly recommend Alphaline Homes to anyone that is looking to build.


Great experience with Alphaline!

We had a great experience building our first house with Alphaline! Going in as first home owners having no idea about the process of building a house we were amazed at how easy the process was!

All contractors were flexible and had great workmanship and dealing straight with the local suppliers made the process really easy and gave us a wide range of selections with great allowances.

Wouldn’t hesitate to build with Alphaline again!


Very Happy Customers

Alphaline homes was a wonderful company to work with. Everyone that helped us, from Ben in the beginning stages. Jess with the colours and the design. The building manager John and even Lee, who came in after to finish off some minor things after we had moved in, were firstly, very knowledgeable and helpful and secondly, just a pleasure to work with.

We are very happy with our home and the quality in which it has been made. We were also so happy that we were kept informed at all times and if there were any problems, they fixed them almost immediately without any problems. They are a very trustworthy and a competent business and I highly recommend them to anyone!