Knock Down and Rebuild

Don’t just renovate. Rebuild!

If you’ve been dreaming about moving into a new home, but you’re happy living in the area where you are now, you don’t have to pack up, move out and say goodbye to the neighbours.

Instead, a knock down and rebuild could be the answer to your dilemma.

A knock down and rebuild involves completely demolishing your existing house, working with a builder to custom design a brand new home, then constructing the final designs on the land you already own.

Knock down and rebuilds have become an increasingly popular option, particularly for people who own land in desirable suburbs which is getting more expensive and harder to come by.

If you already own a valuable block of land, it certainly makes economical sense to hold onto your asset and stay where you are if you are happy living there.

With a rebuild, you also have the option to add a second storey if you’re in need of more room. And if you have land near the CBD or a body of water, this extra level could increase the value of your property beyond your wildest dreams.

Renovate or Rebuild?

5 Great Reasons to Consider a Knock Down and Rebuild


1 – You get to hold on to the valuable land you already own

2 – You get to keep living in the area that you’ve come to love to live in

3 – You’ll save money on costly renovations, real estate agency fees as well as stamp duty

4 – You get the chance to design your new home exactly the way you want it

5 – You may have the opportunity to subdivide your land if you live on a large block


What’s Involved in a Knock Down and Rebuild?

Knocking down your existing house and rebuilding a new home is a big decision, but it’s also a very exciting and rewarding process.

At Alphaline Homes, we take the following steps in working with you during a knock down and rebuild to ensure are smooth planning and building process.

1 – First we’ll visit your block and perform a no obligation site inspection with you. By evaluating your block of land through a “builder’s eye”, we’ll get an in-depth feel for its unique design challenges. This will ensure we create the best design solutions for your new home.

2 – Next we’ll meet with you to conduct our free 90 minute DNA (Design Needs Analysis) consultation. During your DNA consult, we’ll run through our comprehensive list of 180 questions to uncover your hidden design and planning needs. These questions are designed to help us guarantee that your new home design will not only meet your needs today, but your needs for the years to come.

3 – If you’d like to proceed with us putting together initial designs and plans, the next step is to purchase our “Initial Design Package” which involves a one-time fee. Our Initial Design Packages includes conducting soil tests on your block and reviewing the elevations and contour plan.

We’ll then put together a full set of draft floor plans which shows your home on your land, complete with elevations, shadow areas, and electrical drawings. We’ll also provide include 3D images of your new house, showing your own chosen style, and its placement on your block including the shape of the terrain.

4 – We will then arrange for a Certifier to inspect your block as well as the proposed floor plans we have drafted to make sure no alternations need to be made to the designs in order to comply with any relevant codes or restrictions.

5 – Following the inspection from the Certifier, our estimating team will do up a full costing and scope of work for you.

6 – If you are happy to accept with our final quote, it’s time to secure finance to officially get your knock down and rebuild underway. We can assist you in securing finance if and where required.

7 – The next steps are to start demolishing your existing house and then to rebuild your new home from the ground up. This process usually takes around 6 months from start to finish.

8 – And finally, once your new home has been completed, you can then move (back) in! Your new home will be finished to complete turnkey stage.

Want to learn more about knocking down and rebuilding a new home?

Talk to the expert custom home builders at Alphaline Homes. Our team would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the knock down and rebuild process and discuss the possibilities for your land.

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