Life Size Plan Walkthroughs 

Visualise your floor plans coming to life with our revolutionary digital projection service

As many homebuyers will know from experience – failing to plan is planning to fail. There are so many decisions to make when designing and building a custom home, it’s natural to want to get everything just right. But it can become tricky and expensive if you realise you want to make changes to your plans once construction has already started. 

To help minimise delays and costly variations, we offer all Alphaline Homes customers the opportunity to walk through a 360°, life sized digital projection of their floor plans before any construction work commences. 

How does it all work?

Utilising the latest technology, your floor plans are projected onto the floor of a custom-built, 665m2 studio in North Brisbane in their exact dimensions. This service allows you to truly visualise your dream home becoming a reality. 

You can walk around the projection to really get a feel for the layout and evaluate every single detail. If you’re not completely happy with something, changes to the layout can be made on the spot and displayed instantly on the projection.  

Want to see how things look if you were to swap around the positions of the master and guest bedrooms? No problem. How about removing the wall between the living and dining areas? Easy!

Deciding on such changes during the design phase will save you time and money on variations needing to be made during the construction phase. 

These digital floor plan walkthroughs are included at no extra cost with every new home we build. 

Want to learn more about a digital floor plan walkthrough?

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Comprehensive design advice for your new home build 

If you’re looking for a flexible custom home design, take the time to talk to Alphaline Homes.

We’re happy to offer you a free 90-minute DNA (Design Needs Analysis) consultation with our design team.

During this consultation, we’ll go over all your design needs and requirements with our targeted list of 180 questions. These questions will help uncover any hidden needs and will ensure that your home design meets not only your needs for today but your needs for the next 5 years.

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